METAMINE : Metamine
Get the minerals from the mines in the game with 'MTMN Coin'!
Metamine, a real-time metaverse mining 3D RPG game.

Hunt monsters through dungeons and increase your attack power through level-up.
You can eat potions and buy and strengthen weapons with game money through dungeons!
METAMINE : Metamine
reinforcing pickaxes, picking pickaxes, picking characters, hiring miners,
Increase your mining through a variety of activities, including the right to shorten the mineral generation cycle, double the mining volume, and invite friends!

Identify the resources in the game through mining as real property, decorate avatars and generate revenue with NFT items!
Connect with coin users around the world through guild hunting and mining.
METAMINE: Different mining methods
Manual mining, where the user directly hits the mineral
METAMINE: Different mining methods
Automatic mining bots to help users who can't keep their phones on
METAMINE: Different mining methods
Automatic mining by consuming MTMN coins